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Up to eight storage caverns, each approximately 80m in diameter and 150m in height are proposed at Islandmagee. The caverns are created by a technique known as ‘leaching’ or ‘solution mining’, which dissolves the salt, under controlled conditions, and creates a cavity in the salt layer in which gas can be stored. The facility expects to have an injection capability of 12 million cubic metres per day of gas and a maximum withdrawal capability of 22 million cubic metres of gas per day.

The proposed site possesses the two main supporting infrastructural requirements for a gas storage facility – a source of power (adjacent to Ballylumford power station) and a connection to the main gas network (the Ballylumford pressure reduction station is the connection point to the Scotland-Northern Ireland gas pipeline).

The facility will make a significant contribution to the security of energy supplies as well as helping to meet the greater short-term demands placed on the gas network to support increased intermittent renewable generation

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IMSL Site Layout
Proposed site layout of the Islandmagee Gas Storage Project